Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tweet Your Goat

I've been trying to get people to use when they use twitter. Why should they? Because they can get more feedback from their "readers" when they do. And it's not hard, just grab the prominent bookmarklet from the home page and you're one-click away from creating a useful shortened URL.

One of the challenges for introducing a new behavior is how you talk about it. (the other internet startup I'm working on) is a great name because it is a natural noun and a verb. So people can say:

Have you seen my Fave about the iPhone?

That sounds like a great site, can you Fave it for me?, on the other hand, is just the name of a site. As we talk about it in the office, we naturally want to turn the action of creating a shortened URL using into a verb. What do you say? "Go 2" that for me? Have you seen my "Go 2"?

Even though is sounds a little gross, my current way of pronouncing "Go2 it" is "Goat it". So, if you run in to me, don't think I'm being rude if I ask you to Goat that web site for me!

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